I don’t know… Really don’t know. You know what? I just feel like a weirdo this week. Mmhhh :”””””( Yaammmnnn! Dang it! Holy crap. So? Whatta now? May I scream like a rocker? Or be screwed like Medusa? Yawn! Not really. I just love being myself. But, I HATE THIS WEEK. I HATE WHAT I FEEL ABOUT YOU! YOU! ONLY YOU! Everything that I do reminds me of YOU! WHY? WWWHHHYYYYYYY? Can you GO AWAY from my head? Just leave my mind alone. But, OKAY! CONGRATS. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S. Cause you made me think about you EVERYDAY. But… not now (actually.. YES! S-T-I-L-L) But, I just try to hide that from you.

Sigh! How can I forget you? May I sing a song like ‘Bring Me The Horizon’? HAH? MAY I? And did YOU? HAH? I wrote in my lil’ note book >>> STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU. But, that’s useless. You are just like a cell who so small that I couldn’t see you. You.. I tried to kill what I feel but that just killing me softly. I COULDN’T. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Don’t ask me why. Cause I don’t have a reason!

When I shed a tears


“Strong emotions, such as sorrow or elation may lead to an increased production of tears, or crying” – Wikipedia

When I shed a tears in the front of you… Why you never know that’s (I cried) because of YOU? YOU! ONLY YOU! Enough!! I couldn’t be like stronger, anymore.. Please realize that. Sometimes, smiling doesn’t mean that I’m happy. It’s simply means I’m strong. But not now.. I’m not anymore.  Then, now… I realize when I read the proverb

A person who truly loves you, is someone who sees the pain in your eyes. While everyone else believes in the smile on your face.” -Proverb

From that proverb, I just realize… realize that you just like another. Who believes in the smile on my face. You couldn’t see that I’m sad, I’m unhappy, I’m not strong… I JUST REALIZE

When I crying, you just ask me, “Why?” And then I just say “I’m okay..” Then you shakin’ your head. Just that? You really couldn’t see. Couldn’t and couldn’t… Why? Because you not be the same anymore. You different now. Please, came back. But, I knew, you NEVER.

I just need someone who can sees the pain in my eyes when everyone else not. Not like you who like another who believes in my smile on my face.  Okay. Whatta now? May I say thank you for you? Because you had to be my bf? Made me smile. But, now… I wanna say thank you too cause you made me cry. Let me cry. Let me scream. Let me look at you go away. Let me know that you’ll be fine after that. Let me cry and cry. Just leave me alone now… Cause you just broke your promise. Let me do what I want. Let me hurt myself. Let me at all. LET ME CRY BECAUSE OF YOU!





Berita mengenai air mata kristal dari mata gadis Lebanon ketika menangis sempat menggemparkan dunia. Dan juga menjadi pemberitaan heboh di berbagai blog dan situs jejaring sosial.

Walaupun banyak yang menganggap berita ini hanyalah HOAX. Namun, ada sebuah video yang ternyata sudah dipublikasikan sejak tahun 2006 yang lalu di Youtube. Dimana dalam video tersebut kita bisa melihat seorang perempuan Lebanon dapat mengeluarkan air mata kristal.

Berikut ini merupakan videonya, check it out.

Kalau saya rasa mah, mungkin memang benar. and it’s NOT HOAX, but whatsover, what do you think? Semua bisa terjadi atas KUASA-Nya. Okay 🙂