Mall And Bookstore Are My Destinations To Holiday

Yo yo maaan! Here… you know what? Oh ya, I never tell ya before.  So, what’s up maaan? JLEB! Who knows if I never tell before, right? Gggrrr, weirdo, maaan! Yes! I knew before (with a rapper style)

OK! It’s time to holiday! Forget for a while about Math, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, etc. But, did ya know? I only spent my holiday in my hometown Batam, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. Guess what? My parents too busy to go to Paris (I wish, I hope, I really wish it will come true, SOON) with me. Buuuhhhhh! So, I just spent this holiday by visited mall to mall nor bookstore to bookstrore. So, this holiday… you know what, right? I visited mall many times. I can’t count that. Eerrrrr!

First day, I visited Gramedia bookstore with my mom then I bought novel “Divortiare” by Ika Natassa. And my Mom bought novel too but I just forgot what’s the title, actually. After that, we visited Bean City Bakery and Cafe in Batam City Square Mall, Baloi, Batam, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. We bought many cakes. There are Coffee King, Cheese Bun, Mexico Blueberry, Donuts, and etc.

Then, we got home at 05:00 P.M. Then, on Saturday, December 24, 2011 with my lovely bestfriend foreva Sri Indira Puspa Pertiwi we went to Cinema XXI, Mega Mall, Batam Centre to see “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“. OMG! That time we can’t wait to see our Uncle Sherly (his nickname). This’s my ticket…

Ticket of Sherlock Holmes in Cinema XXI

Tiwi got there with her sister and brother. Her lil’ brother is Dzaky you know what? Trust me, He really handsome more than Robbert Pattinson nor Josh Duhamel when he 18 someday (; Ok, back to the topic. But, Dzaky doesn’t want too see “Sherlock Holmes”. He chose to see “Garuda Di Dadaku 2” directed by Rudy Soedjarwo. It’s ok. I got my ticket but that time “Sherlock Holmes” will play in 1 hour. To wait “Sherlock Holmes” we went to Karisma bookstore before. Just saw magazine, books, and etc. Then, about 13:30 we came to Cinema XXI again because “Sherlock Holmes” will play in 15 minutes that time. Gosh! I can’t breath! I really want to see Uncle Sherly that time. Before we come to Theatre 6 where “Sherlock Holmes” will play we bought popcorn and ice cappuccino. 5 minutes later, we got there. We sat on Row C Seat 11 to me and Seat 10 to Tiwi. We enjoyed that time. What I can describe or say about that movie? I can’t say anything except GREAT!

One more…


One more please…


One more pleaaaaaaaassseeee…


Yeah, that’s it! ROFL! Really, I guess you really really really have to see this movie >>> “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” in Cinema, NOW!!! I really recommending you to this movie. You never regret! Trust me!

About 2 hours later, when “Sherlock Holmes” just finished, we went to Thiya Fiantika‘s 16th Birthday Party at Rentak Melayu Restaurant near Mega Mall. Thiya is one of my friend in my class (X-D [2011-2012] SMAN 1 Batam). I went to Thiya’s 16th Birthday Party with Tiwi. There, we met member of Desttencle (name of our class, X-D) they are Windi and Resty who attended that party. We enjoyed that time. And for me, no problem if I couldn’t spend this holiday except in Batam. Because my family, friends, made my day… made my holiday to be really great, and greaaaaaat ever! ((: