Sunny Weekends

Weekends! It was such a big big day! Tired of hectic Monday-Friday. Aaaah, that’s pathetic! I spent weekends with my mom, dad, and my lil sister. We went to cinema and saw midnight movie, and on Sunday, we went to bookstore and yup cinema again. It was simply just for fun and we love it!

My little sister (posted by Reta Riayu Putri)

My little sister (posted by Reta Riayu Putri)

My little sister (posted by Reta Riayu Putri)

My little sister (posted by Reta Riayu Putri)and then…My little sister (posted by Reta Riayu Putri)WOW!! WHAT’S UP?? Haha, we have no idea. She yelled for coke, LOL!

Posted by Reta Riayu PutriFrench fries was not too bad.

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Ayam Penyet

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Under rench fries…

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Ice Blended Chocolate at Bistro Godiva

That’s all. And pals, did you know, this is bit random stuff while I’m getting bored. Chatting, watching, listening music, reading novel and magazine, etc with my Android.

Wallpaper of my Android (Samsung Galaxy Mini) Posted by Reta Riayu Putri Posted by Reta Riayu Putri

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Watching video on Youtube (The All American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret)

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Reading Detik magazine
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The Hunger Games (novel)
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Memory Motel by The Rolling Stones

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Reading entertainment, sports, etc
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Online Twitter


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Line Messenger
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Line-ing (Line Messenger with my friend, Agni)
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WhatsApp-ing with my friend, Fauzian.

Can a Film Ever Truly Beat a Good Book?


It has long been debated whether a film adaptation of a really popular novel can ever truly live up to the reader’s expectations and equal its paperback’s sucess. I started thinking about this whilst in Waterstones purchasing the Help when the store assistant enthusiastically announced that the film version was almost as good as the book, as though this was some sort of revelation. What really struck me was her emphasis on ‘almost’, as though it was never a point in question that the film could rival the book, but it was to be applauded that it had even come close.

As a self-confessed book-worm I’m concerned I might be approaching this debate with a slightly biased opinion (as you can probably tell from the title of the post) as, for me, there’s nothing better than those rare moments when you find yourself in possession of a book you just can’t put down, I’m talking about the kind of book you unashamedly read in a queue or on a 5 minute bus journey despite the fact you might only be able to squeeze in a few pages. Such books are hard to find and it’s a tough task to create films that live up to them. As they say, there’s nothing more powerful than the imagination, which is the true beauty of a well-written book, it’s almost as though you’ve dived into the page and you’re there with the characters – Elizabeth Bennett isn’t just the annoying Kiera Knightly playing the typical upper-class heroine you watched her play last week in Pirates of the Caribbean, she’s the character you’ve created in your mind, the one you feel like you know, she’s Elizabeth Bennett only. For this reason, I tend to prefer a good book over a good film.

Musing over this, I decided to buy the film version of the Help as well as the book and also started thinking about some of the nation’s favourite novels in comparison to their on-screen partners. Perhaps the most obvious – Harry Potter, the little wizard who many of us grew up alongside, his school years echoing our own, who is now a worldwide phenomenon, a massive Hollywood franchise and a brand in his own right. For me, however, this success is all attributable to the books. Whilst the films are undoubtedly addictive and highly watchable, they never quite capture the true magic that J K Rowling created in the books. A similar sensation a few years ago was the Da Vinci Code, one of those novels (much like 50 shades today) which was everywhere! Too mainstream and over-hyped to please the critics, the Da Vinci Code was never going to be an award-winner but it was literally un-putdownable and I found myself eagerly anticipating the film but left hugely disappointed. Tom Hanks just didn’t seem to fit the bill and his performance as Robert Langdon felt flat, a character who in the book had much more of an edge and oozed charisma and sex appeal. After reading the book I found myself googling the Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene keen to know more, however the movie lacked depth and seemed to skim over many of the issues and ideas raised by the novel leaving me dissatisfied and wishing I’d never watched it. Another favourite of mine a few years ago was the Other Boleyn Girl, the highly scandalous story of Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary and their relationship with the infamous Henry VIII. A big fan of period dramas and historic novels, I couldn’t wait for the film to be released, but as I think many will agree it was a poor adaptation, departing in many places from the book and failing to capture the charm and shock-factor of the novel despite casting the brilliant Natalie Portman and gorgeous Scarlett Johansson as the female leads.

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Mall And Bookstore Are My Destinations To Holiday

Yo yo maaan! Here… you know what? Oh ya, I never tell ya before.  So, what’s up maaan? JLEB! Who knows if I never tell before, right? Gggrrr, weirdo, maaan! Yes! I knew before (with a rapper style)

OK! It’s time to holiday! Forget for a while about Math, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, etc. But, did ya know? I only spent my holiday in my hometown Batam, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. Guess what? My parents too busy to go to Paris (I wish, I hope, I really wish it will come true, SOON) with me. Buuuhhhhh! So, I just spent this holiday by visited mall to mall nor bookstore to bookstrore. So, this holiday… you know what, right? I visited mall many times. I can’t count that. Eerrrrr!

First day, I visited Gramedia bookstore with my mom then I bought novel “Divortiare” by Ika Natassa. And my Mom bought novel too but I just forgot what’s the title, actually. After that, we visited Bean City Bakery and Cafe in Batam City Square Mall, Baloi, Batam, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. We bought many cakes. There are Coffee King, Cheese Bun, Mexico Blueberry, Donuts, and etc.

Then, we got home at 05:00 P.M. Then, on Saturday, December 24, 2011 with my lovely bestfriend foreva Sri Indira Puspa Pertiwi we went to Cinema XXI, Mega Mall, Batam Centre to see “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“. OMG! That time we can’t wait to see our Uncle Sherly (his nickname). This’s my ticket…

Ticket of Sherlock Holmes in Cinema XXI

Tiwi got there with her sister and brother. Her lil’ brother is Dzaky you know what? Trust me, He really handsome more than Robbert Pattinson nor Josh Duhamel when he 18 someday (; Ok, back to the topic. But, Dzaky doesn’t want too see “Sherlock Holmes”. He chose to see “Garuda Di Dadaku 2” directed by Rudy Soedjarwo. It’s ok. I got my ticket but that time “Sherlock Holmes” will play in 1 hour. To wait “Sherlock Holmes” we went to Karisma bookstore before. Just saw magazine, books, and etc. Then, about 13:30 we came to Cinema XXI again because “Sherlock Holmes” will play in 15 minutes that time. Gosh! I can’t breath! I really want to see Uncle Sherly that time. Before we come to Theatre 6 where “Sherlock Holmes” will play we bought popcorn and ice cappuccino. 5 minutes later, we got there. We sat on Row C Seat 11 to me and Seat 10 to Tiwi. We enjoyed that time. What I can describe or say about that movie? I can’t say anything except GREAT!

One more…


One more please…


One more pleaaaaaaaassseeee…


Yeah, that’s it! ROFL! Really, I guess you really really really have to see this movie >>> “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” in Cinema, NOW!!! I really recommending you to this movie. You never regret! Trust me!

About 2 hours later, when “Sherlock Holmes” just finished, we went to Thiya Fiantika‘s 16th Birthday Party at Rentak Melayu Restaurant near Mega Mall. Thiya is one of my friend in my class (X-D [2011-2012] SMAN 1 Batam). I went to Thiya’s 16th Birthday Party with Tiwi. There, we met member of Desttencle (name of our class, X-D) they are Windi and Resty who attended that party. We enjoyed that time. And for me, no problem if I couldn’t spend this holiday except in Batam. Because my family, friends, made my day… made my holiday to be really great, and greaaaaaat ever! ((:

What Should Come First… The Book or The Movie?

What should come first? The book… or the movie?

It’s a question that’s come into play for me a lot in the past. Is it better to read the book before watching its movie or TV show, or is it okay to switch it up sometimes? Up until a comparatively short time ago, I would have told you that you should read the book first—always, without question, no matter what. I’m afraid I had (and still have) a bit of a tendency to be a purist. How could anyone taint the meaning and initial impact of a story by watching its adaptation first?

And for a while, I was able to adhere to that, at least when I was aware that the movie or show in question was based on a book. Why on earth would I want someone to form my opinions for me? To fill my head with their own idea of what the story was and distort whatever thoughts I may have formed on my own? I made sure to follow this regimen with Lord of the Rings, with Harry Potter, and with pretty much any other story that I held in high regard.

But then, whether by accident or deliberately (I’m no longer sure which), I started watching movie versions of books before I had read the story. I began to fudge on my steadfast rule by watching movies like Pride and Prejudice and Emma and North and South, and, more recently, shows like Game of Thrones. And I discovered that by viewing one artist’s representation of another artist’s work, I was able to more fully grasp and enjoy the book that the adaptation was made from. I could take from the film version that which helped me to understand the book better, and I could choose to discard what didn’t. I could use the artist’s imagining of the book to expand my own imagination, or I could reject it and form different opinions altogether. I was beginning to make room for change amid my former rules for reading. In short, I began to discover that neither order of consumption is good or bad; both have their own merits and disadvantages, and neither form of the story necessarily has to compromise the other.

With Lord of the Rings, reading the book first worked well for me. Though they’re lengthy, complicated books, I enjoyed the challenge of constructing Middle Earth in my head, on my own terms, even though it probably took me until the third reading or so to really get it right (and yes, I am the biggest nerd ever…). I wanted the freedom to choose just how far I was willing to take my imagination during the scarier bits, and I wanted to see the faces of the characters themselves, rather than those of the actors who portrayed them. And I got the added benefit of pointing out to everyone watching the movies with me that “Oh, this isn’t the way it was in the book at all. What is Arwen doing there? There were no Wargs before the battle at Helm’s Deep…and where the heck is Tom Bombadil?!” I’ve since realized that this is pretty foolish (not to mention annoying); why on Earth should the filmmakers’ vision for the story be the same as mine? And how could they possibly be expected to fit something close to 3000 pages’ worth of story into eight hours of film? I digress…but my point is, reading these books before watching their movies allowed me to make the experience my own, and I was glad I’d done it that way.

But a week or so ago, I had a very different experience. After having both the book and showGame of Thrones relentlessly recommended to me, I finally watched the show’s first season. In one weekend (I regret nothing!). After my hedonistic GoT bender, I became extremely excited to start reading a series I hadn’t even definitively decided to tackle. I loved watching this complex story come to life, and I very quickly fell in love with Daenerys, Jon Snow, Arya, Bran, and so many others. Throughout every episode, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do next. And though I haven’t read the book yet, I know that I’m going to love getting even more deeply involved with the characters and the vast story even more when I do read it. In this case, I’m quite certain that preempting my reading of the book by watching its television adaptation first will enrich instead of compromise my enjoyment of the story.

I’ve learned for certain now that there isn’t one set way to do this, at least not for me. It depends on the story, my current mindset, the timing of the adaptation’s availability, even the urging of friends to follow one way or the other. But what do you think? Which order do you prefer? Are you a purist, do you go with the flow, or like me, do you end up somewhere in the middle? Or do you do it some other way entirely?