The James Bond Family

James Bond series

We are James Bond Family! Ciaaaaat! No no no, it was joke haha. But, I tell ya, we are James Bond addicted. We have been waiting for four years for Skyfall, ahhh we love James Bond so much! So, when the Skyfall movie, which is the James Bond series out in cinema, yes, we can’t wait anymore. We went to cinema and darn it all to hell, the Skyfall movies was really great! And the opening of the movie, yes you rite, lol. The opening of the movie started with James Bond falls off a bridge with backsound Adele’s song, Skyfall. What a great combination!

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva

Skyfall is the 23rd film in the 50-year-old Bond series and absolutely Skyfall is the best Bond yet! There, I said it.

For Craig’s third outing as the MI6 operative, he stars here opposite the best Bond girl yet; Judi Dench’s ‘M’. Although the painfully beautiful Berenice Marlohe had been pushed as the front and centre femme fatale, it’s actually ‘M’ who stands out here, acting as the emotional anchor of the film. With Dench’s character on the cusp of forced retirement, Skyfall’s plot brings everything that bit closer to home, adding a layer of sentimentality not usually found in a Bond film. With the safety of MI6 under threat now more than ever, Craig faces the best villain since Blofeld, that being Bardem’s Raoul Silva. Though not introduced until half way through the film (a brave move to say the least) Bardem brings something new to Bond; a very authentic sense of the foreboding, akin to Batman’s Bane. What’s more, he’s pretty damn funny too.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Beautifully shot by Roger Deakins (No Country For Old Men, Revolutionary Road) with a whopper score from Thomas Newman, Mendes squarely hits the nail on many levels. The back and forth between M and Bond is fantastic (even with Bond atop a train, grappling with his first target, the banter fails to wane) while the respectful nods to earlier films – among which a slick vintage motor is included – are a treat. The edge-of-your-seat action scenes are as impressive as you’d expect, with one in particular making you less than excited about your next experience on the London Underground.

Studio 21
Ticket of the Skyfall movie at Studio 21

What’s most commendable about Skyfall however, is the blue-eyed blonde haired Bond, Daniel Craig. Granting us access to the more personal details of his past while demonstrating that he hasn’t got the emotional depth of a rock, Craig shines through the complexity of this role. While his character’s physical and mental state may be somewhat worse for wear here, Craig himself is certainly on top form.

And now, I’m gonnalead you to Adele’s song, SKYFALL! I love Skyfall by Adele so much! You gotta love too, pals hihih. Here the lyrics of Skyfall by Adele and I’m gonna tell you the meaning of that.


This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again

For this is the end
I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment
So overdue I owe them
Swept away, I’m stolen

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall
Sad skyfall

Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart
Where worlds collide and days are dark
You may have my number, you can take my name
But you’ll never have my heart

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together
At skyfall

(Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall)

Where you go I go
What you see I see
I know I’d never be me
Without the security
Of your loving arms
Keeping me from harm
Put your hand in my hand
And we’ll stand

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together
At skyfall

Let the sky fall
We will stand tall
At skyfall

Nah! You might wonder what does mean of Adele’s song, rite. Here…

This might give away some of the movie so don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

First of all it says “this is the end”. This is when he gets shots and falls off a bridge. When it then says “hold your breath and count to 10” this has a strong link to the scene going on in the opening sequence. He accidently gets shot and falls off a bridge into water. This means he’s holding his breath as he drowns. When it says “so overdue I owe them” I think it means that he’s finally dieing after all those years of service.

Skyfall, is the place where Bond lived before he became part of MI6. So when it says “Skyfall is where we start” That is what it means. That’s where he lived when he was a child.

Moving onto the chorus. (I’m doing this in a random order) When it says “Stand tall, at Skyfall” etc it’s referring to when they take shelter there from the bad guy and they have to basically fight there. Another point I would like to point out is when it says “When it crumbles” It’s talking when the house (Skyfall) is destroyed in their battle. Luckily Bond hated the house so no bad feelings!

Then, when it says “Where I go, you go, What I see, you see” it explains that the secret service are watching what he’s doing at every point. That’s what it’s pointing out.

Well, that’s about all the meanings I can gather really from that song! Hope you became wiser from reading this!

At last, Skyfall was great! I love it! Well, actually we went to Godiva Bistro, before going to see Skyfall. We had dinner at Godiva Bistro restaurant. I enjoyed an half hour at Godiva. I ordered Capcay (Chinese food) and avocado juice for the drink. Here we go!


Mall And Bookstore Are My Destinations To Holiday

Yo yo maaan! Here… you know what? Oh ya, I never tell ya before.  So, what’s up maaan? JLEB! Who knows if I never tell before, right? Gggrrr, weirdo, maaan! Yes! I knew before (with a rapper style)

OK! It’s time to holiday! Forget for a while about Math, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, etc. But, did ya know? I only spent my holiday in my hometown Batam, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. Guess what? My parents too busy to go to Paris (I wish, I hope, I really wish it will come true, SOON) with me. Buuuhhhhh! So, I just spent this holiday by visited mall to mall nor bookstore to bookstrore. So, this holiday… you know what, right? I visited mall many times. I can’t count that. Eerrrrr!

First day, I visited Gramedia bookstore with my mom then I bought novel “Divortiare” by Ika Natassa. And my Mom bought novel too but I just forgot what’s the title, actually. After that, we visited Bean City Bakery and Cafe in Batam City Square Mall, Baloi, Batam, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. We bought many cakes. There are Coffee King, Cheese Bun, Mexico Blueberry, Donuts, and etc.

Then, we got home at 05:00 P.M. Then, on Saturday, December 24, 2011 with my lovely bestfriend foreva Sri Indira Puspa Pertiwi we went to Cinema XXI, Mega Mall, Batam Centre to see “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“. OMG! That time we can’t wait to see our Uncle Sherly (his nickname). This’s my ticket…

Ticket of Sherlock Holmes in Cinema XXI

Tiwi got there with her sister and brother. Her lil’ brother is Dzaky you know what? Trust me, He really handsome more than Robbert Pattinson nor Josh Duhamel when he 18 someday (; Ok, back to the topic. But, Dzaky doesn’t want too see “Sherlock Holmes”. He chose to see “Garuda Di Dadaku 2” directed by Rudy Soedjarwo. It’s ok. I got my ticket but that time “Sherlock Holmes” will play in 1 hour. To wait “Sherlock Holmes” we went to Karisma bookstore before. Just saw magazine, books, and etc. Then, about 13:30 we came to Cinema XXI again because “Sherlock Holmes” will play in 15 minutes that time. Gosh! I can’t breath! I really want to see Uncle Sherly that time. Before we come to Theatre 6 where “Sherlock Holmes” will play we bought popcorn and ice cappuccino. 5 minutes later, we got there. We sat on Row C Seat 11 to me and Seat 10 to Tiwi. We enjoyed that time. What I can describe or say about that movie? I can’t say anything except GREAT!

One more…


One more please…


One more pleaaaaaaaassseeee…


Yeah, that’s it! ROFL! Really, I guess you really really really have to see this movie >>> “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” in Cinema, NOW!!! I really recommending you to this movie. You never regret! Trust me!

About 2 hours later, when “Sherlock Holmes” just finished, we went to Thiya Fiantika‘s 16th Birthday Party at Rentak Melayu Restaurant near Mega Mall. Thiya is one of my friend in my class (X-D [2011-2012] SMAN 1 Batam). I went to Thiya’s 16th Birthday Party with Tiwi. There, we met member of Desttencle (name of our class, X-D) they are Windi and Resty who attended that party. We enjoyed that time. And for me, no problem if I couldn’t spend this holiday except in Batam. Because my family, friends, made my day… made my holiday to be really great, and greaaaaaat ever! ((:



Maaf untuk semuanya. Guess what? Setelah sekian lama menghilang dari WordPress, akhirnya saya kembali dengan sebuah postingan tentang tugas. Not too bad. If there should be one decision I regret, it’s definitely not about WordPress. I’ve missed this blog so badly! Alright, langsung ke intinya saja. Ini merupakan postingan tentang materi pelajaran PKN (Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan). May this post gonna help you, guys! (^v^)

This is for all students all over the world, lol. Khususnya teman-teman saya di kelas X-D (Sepuluh-D) Tahun Pelajaran 2011-2012 SMA NEGERI 1 BATAM, di mana tugas ini diberikan oleh guru pembimbing bidang studi PKN, yakni Ibu Nurfatma. Check it out!



Bangsa adalah hasil tenaga hidup manusia dalam sejarah.


Bangsa adalah suatu nyawa, suatu akal yang terjadi dari dua hal, yaitu rakyat yang harus bersama-sama menjalankan satu riwayat, dan rakyat yang kemudian harus mempunyai kemauan untuk menjadi satu.


Bangsa adalah kelompok manusia yang mempunyai kesamaan karakter.


Bangsa yaitu kelompok yang terbentuk karena adanya hasrat bersatu. Hasrat tersebut timbul karena adanya rasa kesatuan antar manusia dan tempat tinggalnya.


Bangsa adalah suatu kesatuan budaya (cultural unity) dan kesatuan politik (political unity).


Bangsa adalah suatu komunitas manusia yang memiliki nama, menguasai suatu tanah air, memiliki mitos-mitos dan sejarah bersama, budaya publik bersama, perekonomian tunggal, dan hak serta kewajiban bersama bagi semua anggotanya.


Bangsa adalah suatu komunitas politik yang terbayang dalam wilayah yang jelas batasnya dan berdaulat.



Negara adalah organisasi kekuasaan dari sekelompok manusia yang mendiami wilayah tertentu.


Negara adalah organisasi kesusilaan yang muncul sebagai sintesis dari kemerdekaan individual dan kemerdekaan universal.


Negara adalah suatu organisasi yang timbul karena adanya kehendak dari suatu golongan atau bangsa.


Negara adalah alat kelas yang berkuasa untuk menindas atau mengeksploitasi kelas yang lain.


Negara adalah organisasi kemasyarakatan yang mempunyai tujuan untuk mengatur dan memelihara masyarakat tertentu dengan kekuasaannya. Organisasi itu adalah ikatan-ikatan fungsi atau lapangan-lapangan kerja tetap.


Negara adalah alat atau wewenang yang mengatur atau mengendalikan persoalan bersama atas nama rakyat.


Negara adalah persekutuan dari keluarga dan desa untuk mencapai kehidupan yang sebaik–baiknya.


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