Incredible Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge Design

In Istanbul, Turkish Airlines has unveiled its new, ridiculously opulent, airline lounge – a feast for the eyes. Featuring intricate shells built inside the airport hall, the modern airport lounge was designed by Autoban. Daily, 2000 people can walk through the 300 square meter CIP Lounge. The idea behind this lounge is to share the “Contemporary Turkish Experience“. Each module of the CIP Lounge undertakes a different function. Services like resting rooms, restaurant, tea garden, library, movie theater and so on provide passengers a chance to experience each and every different interior separately. Details like the intricate pattern shells and light-pierced black channels hiding electrical systems and mechanic features in the merging points of shells make the whole design display a fresh, bold and welcoming design. It seems like a perfect place for passengers to chill out before long haul flights.

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