8 Innovative and Functional Computer Mouse Designs

Computer Mouse may slowly be replaced by touch pads and other touch sensitive devices but there is still a huge fan following for these extremely ergonomic devices that let us use computers in the easiest manner possible. In today’s post, we round up 10 Innovative and Functional Computer Mouse

 Designs. Some are chosen for their functionality while others for their extra ordinary designs. Hope you enjoy.

1) Headset

This unique computer / laptop mouse can be used as an internet phone with hands free, crystal clear quality sound Hi-Fi speaker function (48 KHz sampling rate). It also includes an acoustically isolated earpiece and microphone to protect your privacy and eliminate echo. This 800 DPI optical USB computer skype mouse can be used as a mouse / phone / speaker phone all in one compact little package. The USB cable is 6 feet long and gives you plenty of room to move about.

This device supports 12 VoIP services including: Seamlessly integrated with Skype, VoipButser, VoipStunt, VoIPCheap, VoipDiscount, SparVoip, Internetcalls, poivY, WebCallDirect, VoipCheapCom, FreeCall, NetAppel and MTalk. The LCD screen allows you to see the contact list, Call list, Call history and also the Caller ID. There is a fully functional numberic keypad that allows you to make call with ease. There are also various chord music ring tones that cater to different tastes.

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