Interesting Chinese Architecture Stamps

Found some interesting stamps made by a Taiwan Company. This stamp set recapitulates the elements of Chinese traditional architecture, such as ridge of a roof, lintel of door and ridge animal.

You can create your own Chinese architecture!

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10 Unique and Stylish iPhone 4 Cases

Since the launch of the Apple iPhone, just about everyone has gone tech-crazy over this tiny gadget. Yet, it isn’t enough to just own one; instead, you need all the right kind of accessories to go along with it, which includes unusual iPhone cases. There are so many choice on the markets and some designers are not statisfied just change the color and pattern. Sometimes they don’t look like an iPhone case at all, other times they just look funny… but always awesome! Here, we rounded up 14 Unique and Stylish Iphone 4 Cases, hoping bring you some inspiration about customizing your special iPhone case.

1. Little Black Book iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 case has every little bit of that romantic, old-fashioned feel that you might adore about a Moleskine notebook. But at the same time, it’ll keep your iPhone 4 safe and somewhat disguised.

2. Black/Red Silicone Cassette Tape Case for AT&T Apple iPhone 4

Protect your iphone in style with premium Cbus Wireless silicone case. Form fitted design and quality construction will provide the protection your device needs. Keep your iphone protected and looking good with the Cassette Tape Case.

3. iBottleopener Hard Case & Bottle Opener for iPhone 4

Gone are the days when you required normal bottle openers. Now you have party in your pocket because your beloved iPhone goes with you everywhere. You can open a beer bottle while talking on the phone, searching for new apps or playing Angry Birds. It’s a great piece of technology that comes with built in bottle opener and protects your iPhone.

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Incredible Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge Design

In Istanbul, Turkish Airlines has unveiled its new, ridiculously opulent, airline lounge – a feast for the eyes. Featuring intricate shells built inside the airport hall, the modern airport lounge was designed by Autoban. Daily, 2000 people can walk through the 300 square meter CIP Lounge. The idea behind this lounge is to share the “Contemporary Turkish Experience“. Each module of the CIP Lounge undertakes a different function. Services like resting rooms, restaurant, tea garden, library, movie theater and so on provide passengers a chance to experience each and every different interior separately. Details like the intricate pattern shells and light-pierced black channels hiding electrical systems and mechanic features in the merging points of shells make the whole design display a fresh, bold and welcoming design. It seems like a perfect place for passengers to chill out before long haul flights.

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