Say What We Want to Say with Brain!

Shut up!

Sometimes, we say what we want to say without think it twice. Sometimes we do what we want to do without think, think, and think it before.

There are many lessons of life that can be obtained by realizing our mistake. Sometimes, we unintentionally hurt the feelings of others. We don’t know if anyone ever cried because of us nor our words.

Mouth is big deal. Big trouble. Big problem. Did you know why? Because everyone will forgive all what you did/said, but they never forget.

If someone talk to me with a big mouth, I’ll give them gift with this cup when his/her birthday…

Nice gift!

So, the point is we HAVE to say what we want to say with think twice or you can think, think, think, think, and think for sure. It’s ok. And then respect each other is the best way. So, when you already respect each other, there’s no one who’ll say “Shut up!” to you.

Another Story

On Wednesday, April 11, 2012 I saw Sébastien Lefebvre who is best known as the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for pop punk band Simple Plan tweeted on his Twitter @SebLefebvre

Tweet of Sébastien Lefebvre "Simple Plan" by @retadicaprio

Whoops! He tweeted that. He said that. Let’s get this one. You get the point, right?

“Do you really HAVE to say what you are about to say? Think about it for just one more second before opening your mouth…”

 That means he was asdfghjkl cause someone.

Point from Seb’s tweet is we have to think ALL what we want to say for sure. 1 secs is better than nothing. So guys think all what you want to say for just one more second before opening your mouth. Life’s beautiful struggle. Life’s never flat. Don’t hurt each other and control your mouth with brain. Cause everyone can forgive what we did/said but they never forget.

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