I’m Reta Riayu Putri. If you know me so well, so you should know 10 things about me. I’ll describe. There are….

1) I’m movie freak!

Reta Riayu Putri a.k.a @retadicaprio

I’m movie freak, absolutely!! Cinema is my favourite place after bookstore. I really appreciate them who work behind scene and make a great movie! That’s really cool! So, stop to copyleft ya guys! If you want to see film, just go to Cinema or you can get it at VCD/DVD Store. Up to you. Just don’t copyleft! Just really don’t! Sometimes, on Saturday, when I just back from school, I automatically just go to Cinema to see great movie. I learn so much from movie. There’re about life, friendship, etc. Whatcha think, guys?

2) I’m dead love coffee!

Reta Riayu Putri a.k.a @retadicaprio

I love coffee so much!! Especially cappuccino!!!

3) I’m a girl who hate losers!

Ya!! I hate losers! I hate everyone who talk behind me. And… one more. Don’t walk front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me, and you’ll be my friend 🙂

4) I love novel!

Novel by Reta Riayu Putri a.k.a @retadicaprio

Ya! That’s why I love bookstore!! Cause… there’s many novel!!! Love it! What a cool!

5) I’m dead love ice cream

Reta Riayu Putri a.k.a @retadicaprio

I really love ice cream soooooooo much! Especially taste chocolate and cappuccino!! Aaaaaaa Really love ice cream!!

6) Bookstore is my favourite place

Reta Riayu Putri a.k.a @retadicaprio

I love bookstore cause there’s many novel. LOL!

7) I’m ICT addict!

Reta Riayu Putri a.k.a @retadicaprio

I love ICT!! I just wanna be like Bill Gates!!

8) I’m music mania!

Music Mania by Reta Riayu Putri a.k.a @retadicaprio

No music, no life! Yap!

9) I’m blogger

I’m blogger (including writer)

10) I’m just me

At last, I’m just me. Proud to be who I am. It’s me, Reta Riayu Putri. And I’m proud to be Indonesian!! 🙂

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