Water Knot Band

Within the short time the band lives, Water Knot has managed to create a solid fan base from all different parts of the world and the online hype over social media platforms seems to be growing incrementally. All four members are classically trained musician and their unique blend brings original, refreshing sound of rock music that is defined by sweeping songs and virtuosic instrumental performance.

Louis and Ian met while living in Boston as College students. They started jamming and playing music together across the city and experimenting at their underground home studio. During one of their trips to NYC, they came across Taco and Martin who where playing in Manhattan. The four set up to meet and play and that’s where sparks happened.

  • Guitar – Vocals: Louis
  • Keys: Ian
  • Bass: Martin
  • Drums: Taco

Their songs are:

  • Big Brother
  • Sometimes
  • Home
  • More

General Info

  • Genre: Altenative / Pop / Rock
  • Location: United States
Posted by Reta Riayu Putri



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