Punished by Mr. Africeli

I remember that day. On Tuesday, November 1, 2011 I punished by Mr. Celi ._. Did you know why? Because I’m forgot to clean up my classroom (Class X-D 2011-2012 SMAN 1 Batam). Oh my God! That’s my bad day. But, Mr. Celi said, “I don’t think so, Reta.” Haiyaaaaaa! That’s really bad for me. How’s that?

I just arrived at school about 06:40 A.M and I sat in my chair studied Economics because I have daily test that day. Then… until 06:55 A.M suddenly my friend, David screamed “Retttaaaaaaa! Clean up the classroom. C’mon! In 5 minutes Mr. Celi will come. C’mon, Reta. Or you wanna make Mr. Celi angry cause the classroom look so dirty?”

And then… “OH MY GOD! I’M FORGOT! I have to clean up the classroom, today. Gosh!” I looked at the time. Hailamaaaak! About 06:58 A.M!!! OMG! After that I took a broom then sweep the floor. But, unluckily, Mr. Celi came to the class when the bell  yelled. Amigod! Mr. Celi really angry with us who have to clean up the classroom that day. There are Desi, David, Ivo, Mia, and Nurul.

Mr. Celi said, “WHO HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE CLASSROOM, TODAY?”  He looked at the list, then… “Desi, David, Ivo, Mia, Nurul, Reta… GET OUT, NOW!!!” Oh my God! I’m really afraid. Screwed to me. And we got out from the classroom. In the field, Mr. Celi said “Why you didn’t clean up the classroom? Ha? This’s your classroom, you know? That’s a place you study, everyday.” I really wanna cry. But, I won’t. I just shake my head and said “I’m really sorry, Sir” in my heart. Then… Mr. Celi asked us to run around the field to 5 times. Oh my God. My senior on grade XII screamed “WAH! What happened? Oh… ya.. ya… I know. They’re punished by Mr. Celi.” OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Screwed to my senior *ouuupppps hell, ya! Haha, not really. I’m just kidding.

But, I’m glad. That’s really nice day for me. Because, from that punishment I got the lesson that we have to do what we have and be responsible for what we have to do. Thank you so much, Mr. Africeli. You gave me the lesson that day (:

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