I don’t know… Really don’t know. You know what? I just feel like a weirdo this week. Mmhhh :”””””( Yaammmnnn! Dang it! Holy crap. So? Whatta now? May I scream like a rocker? Or be screwed like Medusa? Yawn! Not really. I just love being myself. But, I HATE THIS WEEK. I HATE WHAT I FEEL ABOUT YOU! YOU! ONLY YOU! Everything that I do reminds me of YOU! WHY? WWWHHHYYYYYYY? Can you GO AWAY from my head? Just leave my mind alone. But, OKAY! CONGRATS. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S. Cause you made me think about you EVERYDAY. But… not now (actually.. YES! S-T-I-L-L) But, I just try to hide that from you.

Sigh! How can I forget you? May I sing a song like ‘Bring Me The Horizon’? HAH? MAY I? And did YOU? HAH? I wrote in my lil’ note book >>> STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU. But, that’s useless. You are just like a cell who so small that I couldn’t see you. You.. I tried to kill what I feel but that just killing me softly. I COULDN’T. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Don’t ask me why. Cause I don’t have a reason!

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